Victory in Jesus

I am feeling the wear and tear of the battle, but I press on. War is raging, war that is far beyond my competence. For it reaches past what the eye can see into the unseen. The enemy may be closing in on all sides, but I am not crushed, and I am not abandoned. This fight, though it has made me weary, is a spiritual battle in which I won’t back down.

I was sent all the way to Uganda to join this fight. A fight for one. A fight for a daughter of the King, that lost sheep He left the ninety nine to find. He has invited me to come down to the battlefield with Him, preparing a table for me in the presence of the enemies (Psalm 23), to be still and rest. I am nourished by Him there. He sits right across from me, though the enemy surrounds us, and He tells me His plans for this daughter of His to know her worth, to find healing, identity and freedom. Meanwhile, He is satisfying and strengthening my weary soul as I clothe myself in the armor He supplies. My eyes are locked on His as I gaze at His love, which compels me to love her like He does.

I am watching the breakthrough and miracles happen in her life, for I know victory is ours. But, when a soul is at stake, Satan is seeking to devour. He is prowling around with the strength of a lion. So yes, sometimes my eyes wander from the One in front of me to the enemy surrounding me. It can seem as if we might be overtaken, and the frustration emerges from the depths. The tears flow without invitation. It is not easy.

But, I reflect on the fight that was fought for my life. The blood that was shed in order for me to find purpose and belonging. Jesus fought hard for me in my rebellion with a relentless pursuit. The girl I used to be reminds me that victory is available to anyone through the saving love of the King.

I’ve witnessed her seize those victories, both big and small. Through the mountain tops and valley lows, He is holding her hand to the promised land. Whispering truth into her ear, loving gently and patiently, because He knew that now is the time He could capture her heart. This is the moment He’s had in mind since the start.

He is taking her hurt and giving her healing. He is drying her tears and replacing them with joy. He is giving her strength amidst the struggle. A story once marked by shame is being rewritten as a story of rescue and redemption. And, He’s not finished yet.

There’s no other place I’d be than right here, right now. Fighting for her, fighting alongside her. Boldly believing and praying for more freedom, more breakthrough, more healing. We’ve seen Him move the mountains and we know He will do it again. He’s revealing Himself to her in ways many never witness. She is seeking and finding Him just like He promised.

Though war rages, I know we won’t be defeated. Though we tire, He is upholding us. We’re surrounded, but protected by Jesus. The cross already claimed the victory. So we cling to redemption in the middle of the fight, for He saw us both in the strongholds of our sin and said His blood would cover it all. Victory is ours, so may these be the words that ring from our lips until the day we see the war is over:

“Oh, victory in Jesus. My Savior forever. He sought me and bought me with His redeeming blood. He loved me ‘ere I knew Him and all my love is due Him. He plunged me to victory beneath the cleansing flood.”

I have been invited to watch redemption storm the gates of captivity in her life and it is a joy unlike much I have ever known. Miracles are happening right before my eyes and Jesus wanted me here for such a time as this. It has made every struggle and sacrifice to be here incomparable. I was brought here for her, to believe for her and claim with her the victory in Jesus.


Join me in praying for freedom to continue to reign as Satan’s strongholds are broken. His grace is sufficient, His power is made perfect in our weakness.

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