She is Hope

Like fire falling down for Elijah, the name came to me straight from Heaven. I had been praying and seeking, dreaming and believing about what this ministry can become- yearning for a name that communicates the magnitude and meaning of the dream. After all, I wanted people to understand my vision and come alongside me, catching the fever of faith, to believe in the impossible and pray for the unimaginable.

So, let me tell you a bit about She is Hope. As I type these words, I am sitting in the place I first shared a meal with Hope. It was a year ago in June, that we greeted one another with a brief hug and introduction at the home I was staying in and then we jumped on a boda (motorcycle) headed to a popular cafe near the mall. I remember that vibrant yellow shirt she wore, the color so beautifully complimenting her brown skin. Much anticipation had led up to that moment of meeting, the Facebook messages shared and expectations held would be confronted with the reality of a face to face exchange. I could tell she was nervous, a bit reserved, but I immediately loved her. Deeply loved her.

We had gotten caught in the rain on the ride, even somehow lost, but eventually we found our way- arriving wet but already building trust through the chaos of the journey there. The conversation was casual, and I did a lot of sharing. But, looking into her eyes that day I knew they painted a much dimmer story than the color of her clothing, and it was a story I prayed I would one day get to know.

It was about a week later, I found myself sitting on the floor of her one room rental. The red curtain in the doorway barely letting light in as the story of hurt spilled from her lips. My composure contained but my heart shattered at what all she had endured in her lifetime. Little did I know that this was just the start of her journey, for I could not have dreamed what the Lord would do in the months following.

Fast forward through much healing and redemption, because the girl I know now is unrecognizable to that girl in the yellow shirt. Her eyes light up the room. She carries joy and love to whomever she meets. Her heart no longer hurts for her past but rather hurts for other’s futures. She wants those she meets to meet Love Himself, and watch Him transform them from the inside out- just like He did for her.

She is Hope, and she brings hope to those in need of light to invade their darkness. Because it was not too long ago that all seemed hopeless for her. It was not too long ago she was living in the shadow of that dark red curtain, with little light shining in. Yet, that little light foretold of the Light of the world that was about to dispel all the darkness and change everything for her.

That same Light will change it all for each woman who comes into reach of this ministry, any woman who is willing to open the curtain to her heart so that He can come in. He will plant seeds of hope within her and let her dream of who He desires her to become. He will give her a vision of herself that seems impossible, but she will cling to becoming that woman He promises to make her into. That woman she will one day become, She is Hope. And, the hope of being that version of herself will keep her going on the hardest days of healing and through the toughest trials and temptations.

She is Hope carries the message of hope and healing to those in the commercial sex industry in Uganda. The story of Hope is just the beginning, for God will bring that same hope and healing to many more yet to come. It is time for the harvest, and Christ is beckoning His daughters home.


And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us. Romans 5:5

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