New Path/Same Purpose

I have been walking down this path, the road illuminated bright with His light, walking step in step with Christ. Confident in His direction I know I haven’t made a wrong turn. Parts of the road have been so smooth, but it is also a road less travelled, so there have been some bumps and brush along the way. Those have never stumbled my steps forward, but what I did not expect was what came my way a few weeks back. I did not notice the signs as I had been approaching, and immediately became faced with the unexpected, the fork in the road that halted my journey for a short time. Suddenly my confidence started to weaken and my questions arose. The voices creeped in and the doubts surfaced. But, still step in step with my Father, I had peace in His presence. I knew He would direct me though I did not hear the “take the left” or “take the right” answer I wanted immediately. He was wanting something too- my wholehearted trust.

It is the kind of trust required of a child to jump into the pool, not knowing how to swim, but knowing the outstretched arms of the father would catch him or her before the water had a chance to take them under. So, I too had to jump before the doubt and questioning had the chance to pull me below the surface. Instead of looking at the decision I had to make, I looked at Him instead, as He was always right beside me. Before I even knew it, we had chosen a path. Instead of worry, all I had to do was keep walking forward. Fixing my gaze on His, I just had to stay by His side as He gave me reassurance of His goodness and purposes with each and every step.

I can now look back and remember the signs along the route, alerting me of the divide up ahead. I can also recall the smaller signs I overlooked, pointing me toward the best path to take. I am confident and at peace this path is leading to something greater, a journey I did not know would come but one I am oh so thankful has.


I have honestly felt unsettled in Hoima the past few weeks. My ministry here has left me feeling a bit barren. However, the opposite has been true of my time in Kampala. I am seeing so much fruit of my labor there. My heart’s cry has been to be in that city, loving the women I have built relationships with there. I did not know what it meant at first, blaming myself for what I felt. But, I know it has been the Lord’s leading all along.

So, the past few weeks have been spent in earnest prayer, seeking the Lord’s will above my own. Pleading with Him to search me and know my heart. Praying He take away any selfish desire.

And He has answered.

As many of you know, my heartbeat and desire is for women who have been trafficked or sexually exploited. The opportunity to work with this population has not been afforded to me much in Hoima. I have had that opportunity in Kampala, however, making some connections through friends as well as partnering with organizations.

One program specifically I had yet to meet until last week, and now I see why. God’s timing is always perfect. After coming across their website before even leaving the states, I have stayed in contact hoping to somehow be involved. Little did I know that God would open the door wide open for me to walk through. Meeting with the program director was the reassurance I needed, the affirmation I prayed for, that God was bringing something new. The opportunity my heart has longed for has been granted to me.

I have taken a volunteer position with Willow International, an anti-trafficking organization in Kampala, rescuing and providing restoration to over 300 Ugandan women currently. Their invitation to me is one not normally offered, but to be looked in the eyes and hear “welcome to the team,” I knew it was an opportunity from my Father, who promises not to withhold any good thing from His children.

Not only am I overjoyed/grateful/humbled to be offered this new path and get to experience so much growth and knowledge of this work internationally, I also see the greatest opportunity for discipleship in this move. After finding a place to stay, I will invite two friends to come and stay with me, so that we live life together and pursue Christ together, making one another better each day. I am dreaming of the safe space and gathering place we will create, to cultivate Christian community to those who so desperately need it.

I could go on about the confidence and peace I have in this decision and how Jesus has so clearly illustrated this. is. it. He is working all the details and giving me closure as I leave what I have known to take the step into the unknown. But, I leave with love for the time I have spent the past few months, knowing it was preparing me and equipping me. Hoima will always be home as I will go back and visit often, but I have heard my Father’s voice and where He leads, I will follow. For I am chasing after Him, and I do not want to miss a moment of the fullness of joy and purpose I find in His presence.

I hope you will be excited alongside me and pray as I work out all the details of this transition. May it always be for His name and His fame, making much of Jesus and less of me.

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