A Daughter Welcomed Home

I can imagine the sound of Heaven, the angels rejoicing alongside the Father, as He looks down on His child with great pleasure and pride. He has been waiting for this moment since she was knitted together in the womb. The moment He knew His pursuit of her would result in love in return, with her standing in awe and wonder of how someone could love her so much, so well, and yet it be so undeserved.

I have witnessed this journey of discovery and this process of seeking and finding as Christ shows more of Himself to her each and every day. Revelation that has produced a pure and passionate salvation. A faith so trusting it beckons me to a deeper, bolder reliance on Him. Jesus had patiently stood at the door of her heart knocking for a while, but He was a face she did not recognize, so He wasn’t invited in. Upon coming to know more of who He is, believing what is said about Him and what she has read about Him, she decided to open the door. He came in so gently and so lovingly, taking a seat with her there. He had much to say, sharing stories of the plans He has always had for her, telling her the value and worth she carries in His eyes, offering a love unlike anything she has ever known and ultimately, inviting her to take a place in His Kingdom. An invitation she couldn’t pass up.

He welcomed His daughter home. Home being in His presence, in His care, and in His embrace. But also, home being a place we all have yet to know, a heavenly promise made to her that won’t turn void.

He extended an invitation to me also. One calling me to watch Him at work, performing miracle after miracle. Allowing me to step into this story He is writing and give it my best attempt to love her like He does. To share with her of the greatness of Jesus I have come to know and walk with her hand in hand through this journey of faith, as we worship and pray together. He did not need me but wanted me there, and that has been worth it all.

There is nothing more I could ask of my time here. No greater joy I have found. My greatest prayer has been answered. He is manifesting His plans for her so evidently, leading her on like the cloud by day and fire by night. He is transforming every aspect of her life. He has developed within her a love for Him so deep and a light for Him so bright, compelling a faith so pure and a heart so trusting.

Just like the woman at the well, His offer was one that could not be ignored. One so life-altering that she chose to forsake all of her past for this future promise she was shown. And it all began with His gentle and simple plea, “my daughter, come home.”


Celebrate with me and alongside Heaven! His Kingdom has grown.

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